Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Decide which is best game in 2014

Decide which is best game in 2014
We see alot of games released in 2014 and coming one better than other, but each game just got it's popularity by getting the audience mind and that's the real strategy, every game developer aim to develop a game and put it in gamers heart. In 2014, every gamer has taken it's choice and have played according to its enjoyment. Now we want a review of this review from the audience of this blog, which is the best game nowadays in 2014. Here we have generated a list of 10 games from thousand released in 2014 and want from you to comment about which is the best one to select and then we will announce after some time. May be this list is nothing but it's just a list. 

1. Clockwork Empires
2. Supreme Ruler 1936
3. World Zombination
4. Meridian: New World
5. Xenonauts
6. East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game
7. Door Kickers
8. Kingdom Under Fire 2
9. Planetary Annihilation
10. Galactic Civilizations 3

Some of this list, what ever we have played, the best one is Kingdom Under Fire 2, now it's your turn to comment.
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Top 5 Best VPN Services in 2014

Top 5 best vpn services in 2014
VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service which provides connectivity of private networks while using public networks like Internet. VPN is a virtual connection between point to point devices while taking advantages of the private network like security, functionality and Management policies. VPN was firstly setup for business purpose to make their data confidentiality and for more security, but now because of internet censorship started in most countries, therefore a need of VPN service was a big demand. There are a lot of companies working for this purpose but it was noticed that most of them are working for government agencies and share thier resources with them, so it become difficult to select a VPN service which is more secure and keeping the record in secret. Here we will discuss some of them, which gives more security and confidentiality while gives a better service than the others.Let's discuss the top 5 best VPN services in the list.

1. Private Internet Access

    PIA(Private Internet Access)  is the first choice in the list. It provides best services with more security, confidentiality and much more. Some of it's features are:

  •     It is the most popular VPN service nowadays.
  • Private Internet Access
  •     One click on/off system, which makes it easy to operate.
  •     There are Personal, Professional and Business editions available.
  •     It is supportable on most of the Operation systems like windows and linux and smart phones.
  •     There is a problem of using it is that they don't provide free trial to check.
  •     There technical support is excellent like they provide live chat on website and Online ticket system.
  •     The lowest price to subscribe for the service is $6.95

 2. proXPN

     proXPN is my favorite VPN service in all. It has many features and little cons. Some of its features are:

  •     It's interface is easy to operate
  • proXPN
  •     Free version is available so that one can check it's functionality before going to premium and also there are no ads in it.
  •     Supports both OpenVPN and PPTP.
  •     Fast and much more secure in all fields.
  •     The premium version also comes with 7 days trial period for checking.
  •     Supports most of the Operating Systems.
  •     The minimum subscription is $9.99
  •     Payment is done with Paypal or credit card.


3. Private Wifi

    Private Wifi is specially designed to secure public wifi hotspots, encrypt the data and surf the internet anonymously. Some of it's features are:

  •     Provides large number of servers.
  • Private Wifi
  •     Much reliable to surf internet
  •     Provides Professional and Personal types.
  •     Supports all OS of Windows and Mac.
  •     Technical support is best. Give you support through phone, live chat, email and online manuals.
  •     Give trial period for checking the functionality.
  •     Minimum scription is $9.95


4. VyprVPN

    VyprVPN is also a good service provider of VPN and it's features are:

  •     Provides multiple protocol support.
  • VyprVPN
  •     NAT Firewall add-on providers extra security.
  •     It provide high speed service.
  •     Supports multiple platform of windows,mac and smartphones os.
  •     There is no free version available.
  •     Minimum subscription is $9.99


5. pureVPN

    pureVPN gives a tough time to its competitors in VPN service. It provides features of both newbie and advance users friendly. It encrypts data and provide full anonymity to users without worrying about browsing. Some of its features are:

  •     Lot of Servers in differnt regions.
  • pureVPN
  •     It's unique feature is Split tunneling.
  •     Provides type of Personal, Professional, Business and Enterprise.
  •     Multiple platform support.
  •     Technical support via Chat and website.
  •     Minimum subscription is $9.95

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The new iPhone 6 in it's way to Launch

IPhone 6 in it's way
The competition in the smart phones series increased with the releases of Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8, so many in market to capture it and in this competition, IPhone is the toughest one. IPhone is now in position to release a new one with much more features and special design to attract customers and rumors that it will so different, so that customers got a new look of Smart Phones.

Release Date of IPhone 6

With the release date of IPhone 6, there are doubts as Apple is trying to release their product in September, which will certainly be the IPhone 6 because of their newly announced IOS 8. There is also rumor that new iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets are also on their way to be released soon.

The release date may be September 9 most probably and the September date is most likely to be because according to ifun.de, Apple has restricted holidays of their employees at German Apple Stores during September month, so its sure that their intention is to release some product in September and may be iPad Air in coming October.

iPhone 6 the sign of Design

Cost of IPhone 6

Apple has neither released the design of IPhone 6 design, nor the cost details, but from some news reuters, it is in news that the cost of IPhone 6 may be around most probably upto $650, which means that it will more expensive than the previous releases.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

how to protect MS Excel document

In this world,everyone is now attached with computer in somewhat sense, you see computers in home, offices and shopping malls everywhere. In Most places, it is used for keeping there records and put secure data of there business or personal pursose. Now how to protect these documents from other users and outside world to protect there business. It's easy to protect Excel 2013 documents with password and here we will show you,how to protect it with the following steps.

In first step, just open the MS Excel document which needs security for password. Then Click File and go to Info. In info, you will see below "Protect Workbook".
ms excel protect 1
In step 2, Click the "Protect Workbook" dropdown menu, there you will see "Encrypt with Password", just click it.
ms excel protect 2
In step 3, the Excel will prompt you to type a password, then write your password what you want and easy for you to remember because if you forget it then you will not be able to access the document again.
ms excel protect 3
Now the Selected document is protected with the password you selected in the process. Keep in mind that it is only for this specific document you selected.if you want other document to be protected, it will be done on same above steps.
ms excel protect 4

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

9 Useful Computer programs every user should know

9 useful computer programs every user should know
The computer world is full of millions of free and open source software programs and these are much much better than commercial products.We have divided the list to 10 categories, which we think is better for usage of every user.

Malware protection and Antivirus Programs

Most of our computer users just go for commercially available products and are not aware about the free open source available and much better programs and therefore we have to aware them about this fault of them.Use free antivirus program of Avast or AVG,both are good in functionality and for malware, we recommend Malwarebytes.

Backup Programs

Mostly our friends use backup programs which store backup locally, which is good sometimes for users and are available alot on the internet for free but if the data is important and need to more secure then we suggest to use the online backup services and for this solution is to use Mozy or Dropbox.

Best and free Browsers

Since Microsoft IE is mostly the default browser of windows computers and frankly i have very bad experience with IE but not saying that it is not good because most users mostly use it and like it but there are other browsers much better than IE and much faster and secure and are available for free on Internet. Our recommendation in this case to use Google Chrome, which is faster and second to use Mozilla Firefox, which is my favourite.

Compression Utilities

The internet is full of compressed data and the reason is that mostly the internet connections are slow or the storage problems, so when you download programs from internet,it is in these compressed formats like .zip, .rar, .tar or .iso, so when you deal with these files, we recommend these free softwares, which is better.These are winzip or 7-zip.

Picture Organizers and Image Editors

Instead of spending dollars on buying picture editing and organizing programs, we recommend you to use these free softwares for this cause.For image editing use GIMP while for picture organization use Google Picasa,both are free.

Disc Burner utility

If you need to create a CD or DVD, then ripping is done from CD or creation is done from .iso file and for that we recommend the free available program named CDBurnerXP.

Office Suite

Microsoft Office is mostly an expensive way of dealing with office work and it costs alot. So people who are in search of free alternatives to MS Office, we recommend to use these free and open source softwares like OpenOffice and for source code editors use Notepad++ and PSPad.

E-mail Programs

In most of the places you see Microsoft Outlook installed, which is the most expensive solution for email service, but we recommend some free client programs to be used for emailing i-e Mozilla Thunderbird for email client and for online emails use Gmail.

Multimedia Suites

There are unlimited programs avaible on internet for multimedia purpose, each have its own capabilities and limitations. Some free and open source programs for multimedia purpose, which we will recommend for watching movies and for audio listening and recording are Audacity for audio and VLC and MPC-HC for video purpose.

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